Victor Assad

Special guest

I consult, speak, and write about transforming HR and recruiting, developing cultures of innovation, implementing hybrid work models, and developing excellent leaders and teams.

My corporate experience is with leading HR for Honeywell and Medtronic's global, high-tech, fast-growth business units. I am known for dramatically improving the effectiveness and success of HR and recruiting operations and implementing remote work (before COVID19). From Mumbai to Milano, I have conducted human capital planning, talent reviews, and participated in mergers and acquisitions. I have always enjoyed challenging turnarounds, change leadership, and improving organizational performance and employee experiences. We spend over one-third of our lives working. Work should be meaningful and fill our lives with purpose.

I now consult. My HR consulting practice has completed several engagements. They include upgrading HR and recruiting practices, developing company visions and mission statements, finding excellent executive and specialty technical talent, conducting investigations, developing sales commissions plans, and advising firms on implementing hybrid work.

In my highly acclaimed book, "Hack Recruiting," I provide concrete advice to significantly improve recruiting and employer brands with proven processes and metrics, empirical evidence, and digital technology. After leaning out recruiting processes, implementing today's digital technology allows for hiring better talent faster and at lower costs, reducing biased-based decisions, and improving job candidate communications and experiences.

My InnovationOne LLC helps organizations develop their cultures and capabilities for innovation -- and their bottom lines. We use an empirically developed assessment, the InnovationOne Culture Index developed by C. Brooke Dobni, Ph.D., to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization's culture, benchmark the results, and provide practical solutions to improve the organization's bottom line. We also lead strategic workshops, management training, interventions, and executive coaching. Companies that score in the top quartiles of our Index have 22% higher financial results than those in the bottom quartile. Download our latest research and see customer testimonials on our website:

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