Episode 10

Reflecting on Values-Alignment


June 9th, 2022

29 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

What is the Neuro Change Method?

Why do things change in our brain? Mindsets, belief, subconscious and more are all woven into the framework of neuroplasticity. It helps us understand how our brain changes.
Brand and culture specialist. Science behind what you need to do and how to get your brain to work together with itself.

What are the challenges people are facing during Covid?

People really reflected on what values they really believed in and if they still held true for themselves. People know fairly fast what matters and what doesn’t and are able to cut through the “crap” much more quickly. Businesses realize they are not who they used to be.

Working from Home vs Office?

People are wanting to work from home more. It’s a hard change to navigate to come back to the office. Businesses are wondering how to create a connection between remote workers. People will get their jobs done when you trust them to do it.

See the Business as a person?

Lindsay believes in seeing the business as a person too. It comes from the definition of a corporation. In marketing and branding, if a company’s brand is off, then the mental wellness is also off. Seeing it as a person helps with brand because you realize there is a reputation and relationship it has with other companies, other people. A lot of what people say about companies isn’t always grounded in reality. Outcoming generations can feel that their identity is tied to the business, whereas incoming generations feel that they are the ones who determine the business identity separately from their personal identity.

What parts of business to see as a person?

First and foremost, ask the people. Ask them how they feel, and what they think. Sit down with each member of the team and ask them what they think: those conversations will tell you where to improve. Remember that you hire people to be better than you are at doing their job. Trust your people.

How to get trust back?

Fall on your sword. Own up. Hold yourself accountable. A leader owns up to his mistakes. Is my ego getting in the way of us achieving something?

How to bring about change when people aren’t in alignmnet?
This is very situational based. Always bring in an HR professional or a lawyer. First ask yourself if you, the leader, are doing the same things that you want your employees to do. Also ask them how they understand what the values are that they need to follow. If you’ve given them the opportunity then you need to

Favorite business book: Necessary Endings (Dr. Henry Cloud), Traction (Gino Wickman).
Favorite movie: the first Jurassic Park

Parting thoughts:

Take some time to stop and reflect on whether our daily actions reflect our values. If they do, “cheers!” But if we notice our actions are not aligned with our values, let’s get curious and dig in on how do we get there and what our values actually are.