Episode 25

Jim Durbin: Job Boards, AI, and the Future of Recruitment Marketing

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Mike Seidle, David Bernstein, and Jim Durbin discuss recruitment marketing and the importance of building long-term capability in talent acquisition. Jim Durbin emphasizes the need to focus on what's in it for the client and to help them learn how to do it for themselves. He also stresses the importance of listening to vendors and understanding what they do, rather than just waiting for a pitch and a demo.

In addition, Jim highlights the challenges that job boards are facing in terms of job postings and the changes in the model. Companies are trying to figure out if job postings are actually falling or if there is a new normal for it. The transition to cost per application and some of the changes that job boards have made in the last 18 months have been too much for some companies. There is also a need for HR tech departments to upskill in order to work with job boards effectively.

The interview also touches on the issue of fake profiles and AI fraud, which are major problems that the industry needs to prepare for. The infrastructure of most HR tech stacks is not ready for this, and there is a risk of identity breaches. It is crucial for companies to be vigilant about these issues and to take the necessary steps to protect their data.

About Jim Durbin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimdurbin/