Episode 31

Alex Marcus talks iCIMS and Challenges of HR Software


April 8th, 2024

45 mins 59 secs

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Mike Seidle and David Bernstein speak with Alex Marcus, the founder and CEO of Integral Recruiting Design, about the challenges and best practices of implementing and utilizing iCIMS. They discuss the importance of recruiting and hiring, the role of software in recruiting processes, and the impact of people and processes on technology. They also explore the complexity of recruiting and HR systems, the challenges of change management, and the integration of multiple systems. Throughout the conversation, Alex emphasizes the need for a holistic approach that considers both the technical and human aspects of implementing and optimizing iCIMS. In this conversation, Alex Marcus discusses the role of system administrators in managing HR software and the challenges they face. The conversation covers topics such as technical difficulties, the importance of system administrators, the multi-faceted nature of the role, and the role of system administrators in software adoption.


  • Implementing and utilizing iCIMS requires a holistic approach that considers both the technical and human aspects of the process.
  • Recruiting and hiring are critical business processes that require careful attention and optimization.
  • The success of recruiting software depends on the effective utilization of the system and the alignment of processes and people.
  • Change management is essential in ensuring user adoption and maximizing the value of recruiting technology. System administrators play a crucial role in managing HR software and ensuring its effective use within organizations.
  • The role of system administrators goes beyond technical tasks and includes being an advisor, educator, consultant, and advocate for process improvement.
  • System administrators can provide valuable insights and guidance in the vendor selection process, as they have practical experience with different software platforms.

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https://www.reinventingorganizations.com (book recommendation)