Episode 32

Kevin Wheeler on the Future of Recruiting


March 28th, 2024

34 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

Mike Seidle interviews Kevin Wheeler, the author of Talent Acquisition Excellence. They discuss the impact of the pandemic on recruiting and the need for digital capabilities and analytics to improve recruitment. They also explore the slow adoption of technology in recruiting and the challenges recruiters face in becoming more strategic. Kevin emphasizes the importance of talent planning, analytics, and technology in recruiting and suggests that RPOs (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) can be a more cost-effective and efficient solution for many companies. He also recommends books like Talent Intelligence and The Fifth Discipline for further reading.


  • The pandemic has forced recruiters to use technology more effectively and consider digital capabilities and analytics to improve recruitment.
  • Recruiters are often slow to adopt new technology due to a belief that it interferes with the people-to-people aspect of recruiting and a lack of quantitative and analytical skills.
  • There is a need for recruiters to shift from an administrative and reactive approach to a strategic and proactive approach, focusing on talent planning, analytics, and technology.
  • RPOs can be a cost-effective and efficient solution for many companies, leveraging technology and analytics to improve recruiting outcomes.
  • Recruiters should prioritize their job requisitions based on their criticality to the company and use technology to find and attract the right candidates.
  • The future of recruiting in corporate America may involve a shift towards recruiting as a service, with lightweight RPOs offering efficient and targeted recruiting solutions.

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